Miss Tracey

Co-Owner/Business Director

Tracey’s introduction to dance began six years ago when her daughter first began to dance recreationally. Her daughter has danced for several years and has progressed into Competitive dancing.
Tracey volunteered her time in a Studio office and has learned the ins and out of the dance business.
Tracey has a strong background in the business world and has worked for a
large corporation in many capacities. She brings her knowledge of not only the business world, but also her knowledge as a dance mom and a working knowledge of the world of dance.
Combined with Lauren’s creative background she hopes to provide a wonderful dance experience to both the students and the parents.
Tracey has a love of the dance world that goes beyond dancing. Watching her daughter grow and change as a person and a dancer has been a real joy for her. Among the positive changes are an increased confidence, memory retention, working together as a team and the many
wonderful friends that she has made.
Seeing these changes in other children as they discover a love of dance is a joy to watch and to help nurture as well.